Bhutan Festival Tours

Discover the Magic of Bhutan

Bhutan is the place to put on the top of your list if you are looking for culture, adventure and excitement at every turn. Situated high up in the magnificent Himalayan mountain range, this small country has a unique culture that simply has to be seen to be believed. With a diverse range of traditions and practices, the beauty of the Bhutanese people and their thriving culture is never more evident than during their religious and cultural festivals. Taking place at different locations throughout the year, Bhutan Explorer offers visitors the chance to experience these with our range of comprehensive yet affordable festival packages.

What is a festival tour?

As a Buddhist kingdom in South East Asia, Bhutan is home to a variety of religious and cultural festivals that bring life and vibrancy to the region. These festivals or Tschechu celebrate the Buddhist saint responsible for bringing the religion to the Bhutanese people. During these festivities, which take place several times a year, thousands of people rejoice with song, dance, food and sacred rituals in the streets, temples, Dzongs and monasteries throughout the kingdom. When you choose our Bhutan festival tours, you are given the opportunity to experience these awe-inspiring traditions, something that you will remember for the rest of your life.

What our packages offer you

All of our holiday packages come with a myriad of inclusions that make your trip a safe, comfortable and enjoyable one. When you book one of our Bhutan festival tours, you will receive the following…

  • Free airport transfers.
  • A government Visa allowing you to travel legally.
  • All meals and refreshments included daily [breakfast, lunch, dinner and bottled beverages].
  • A certified tour guide who is bilingual or multilingual.
  • Accommodation at 3 star hotels, with the option to upgrade to 4 and 5 star if desired.
  • A private car or bus for you and the rest of the group.
  • Any equipment needed for trekking or camping tours.
  • Internal taxes and charges incorporated, including a US$65 per day sustainable tourism fee that helps to alleviate poverty and other social issues.

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With our skilled guides, incredible prices and all-inclusive tours, your trip to Bhutan will undoubtedly become one of the favourites of your lifetime. Don’t miss out on the chance to visit such a wonderfully unique and culturally rich part of the world. Call us today for more information on tours and bookings.