Bhutan Trekking Packages

Exciting Himalayan Tours

If you are looking for adventure in a largely unexplored mountain region Bhutan Explorer has the perfect range of options for you. As one of five countries that houses the tallest peaks in the world, Bhutan provides the perfect backdrop to our range of Himalayan tours and treks. With tour and trek options ranging from easy to difficult, we offer a great selection for trekking enthusiasts and beginners alike. Our experienced team know how to help you get the best from your hiking tour, ensuring that you discover this wonderful kingdom in the most comfortable and enjoyable way possible.

Our range of treks throughout Bhutan

To cater for all interests and abilities, we offer a large number of hiking tours throughout the Himalayan region. These options range from relatively easy 9 day treks to 31 day routes that are only suitable for highly experienced trekking professionals. Spanning gorgeous peaks and snowy mountain ranges, these tours and treks undoubtedly offer some of the most beautiful views in the world.

Our experienced hiking tour professionals will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that you have everything you need to feel as comfortable and safe as possible. With many different packages allowing you to experience Bhutan and the Himalayas at various stages throughout the year, there is sure to be an option that suits everyone.

What you get with our packages

With prices starting at just US$200 per day, our trekking tour packages are affordable and offer incredible value for money. When you choose one of our treks in Bhutan, you will receive the following as part of your package…

  • Free meet and greet and transfer from Paro International Airport
  • A government Visa allowing you commence trekking in Bhutan.
  • All meals daily [breakfast, lunch and dinner] as well as bottled beverages.
  • All travel done by private car or bus.
  • All camping equipment included for hiking tours.
  • All international charges or tax included, as is the sustainable tourism fee of US$65 per day, as charged by the Government of Bhutan. This money goes towards alleviating poverty and funding healthcare and schooling in the region.

Book an adventure of a lifetime today

Discover the incredible landscapes and vistas by trekking in Bhutan. If you are interested in booking one of our hiking tours, please call us today on 08 9383 2740 for enquiries (=61 8 9383 2740 from New Zealand), or browse our site for prices and itinerary information.